The Alpha

So I decided to start a blog for real.  I used to have one when I belonged to the achievement hunting community.  It was childish and I greatly amused myself with it by antagonizing those that I argued and played games with on the various forums like X360A.  That is not my purpose here.  So you will not see the return of the Drama Llama.  

As I get older... I have a strong urge to document the games I play, the movies I watch, and the books I read.  

I don't know if this is a repercussion of the achievement system and gamertag game list that I spent so long with on Xbox 360 when I was achievement whore. With those lists, there was a history.  I played that game.  See it there on my list. 39 out of 39 achievements have been unlocked in it.  That game was finished. 

I don't know if this blog will go anywhere.  I tend to get bad cases of writer's block which was one of the reasons I stopped writing reviews for Gizorama.com... that and just being busy between work and life in general.

This blog won't be limited to my gaming hijinx.  I also want it to be an outlet for my career.  I am a software engineer, a full stack web developer, and a code monkey.  

So this post is the Alpha.  Hopefully it will be a long time before you see the post that is the Omega.  Hopefully this blog will have readers but if not...I am ok with that.  This blog is mainly for me.

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